Thursday, 3 May 2012

What's Dream Come True?

"What is 'dream come true' when you're still sleeping instead of waking up and working on your dream?"
- Paqpaqqlip -

 Maxes your efforts on your dream work,
Let the magic convert into firework!

Hold on to Your Dream


The need to smartly holding on to your dream, but when it come to letting go of it, you need to be brave to let it go.
Open your hand and hold your dreams gently, don’t try to grab them.
That's the way you'll achieve something bigger!

Laughter | Inspire Live

From now on Few Seconds Inspiration will feature some extreme laughter to inspire your living!
Together we strive for our dream and success!
- Paqpaqqlip -


Drake | Live for Today...

"And the weekends here started it right
Even if you only get part of it right
Live for today, plan for tomorrow
Party tonight, party tonight."
- Drake -

Live everyday to the fullest,
And make sure you make time to party!
Enjoy and maintain a balance between plays and works.

Wisdom | Inspiration

You can choose to live the righteous way,
You have the wisdom to do it.

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