Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Form Yourself | Inspiration

- George Bernard Shaw -

Life is about creating and forming yourself,
You won't be able to find yourself out there,
Create your true & desired own self!

Coffee, Tea and Appreciation

A cup of tea yield enlightenment,
A cup of coffee harvest motivation,
Before you sip in, pray for appreciation,
Then start your work with re-energized inspiration!

Take a break | Have fun.

Qoutes : Have Fun

" Sometimes, it's okay to party!" 
- Party Rock Jesus -

It's good to have yourself chasing your dream, work hard,
But the balance of work and play must be maintained,
You deserve a break, go have fun once in a while,
Hit the club,watch a movie in the cinema, 
Ask someone out for a date,
Even Jesus danced hard and shuffled those stress away!
"Everyday I'm Shufflin'!" 

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