Thursday, 26 April 2012

Don't Just Talk, Act on It

We always talk about the things we had desired to do,
But we barely even taking the first step to do it,
Soon you dig deeper into that,
Then only you could get a clear view of your dream!

Keep chasing it!

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Morning Coffee Bean!

Wake up in the morning I pray for Him,
Start the day with a cup of dreams,
Drink with a whip of white cream,
3 shots of espresso bean,
3 more shots of hopes and dreams,

Sip in the spiritual river channel through like stream,
Wash into the waterfall of my intestine,
Then I write this artistic piece with a set of scenes,
Planting a bean of happiness to your fruitful mind,
Wishing you a good morning and a day ahead be refine

Do your best for today! Broaden your mind and be creative! 

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Inspiration | Numbers Don't Lie

Try to divide the number 1000 with bigger number 100,
you will get 10,
 Try again divide the number 1000 with smaller number 0.01,You will get 100,000 which is even 10,000x bigger result!

You should not look down on yourself that now you are just a smaller number (0.01),
But trust yourself, one day your dreams will come true!
And you will grow into a '100,000' figure! 

William Shakespeare | Man Who Inspire

The Man Who Dedicated His Love in the form of Art:
Today, 26-April, is the birth anniversary of this great man.

Excerpt From Sonnet 18: 
"So long as men can breath or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee."

Shakespeare had taught us the way to be a true lover,
 He told the world how to express love,

He was inspired to store his lover's beauty in an eternal way,
In a piece of poetry, its life span was infinity.


Thank You William Shakespeare
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