Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Inspiration | Paradise by Coldplay

Inspirational Lyrics: Paradise - Coldplay

 "When she was just a girl,
She expected the world,
But it flew away from her reach,
So she ran away in her sleep,
Dreamed of para- para- paradise"
- Coldplay -

This song tells a story of a girl who found herself lost in the world, but finally she manage to escape through fantasy.
It's very inspirational that even the whole world is dark and stormy, you still be able to motivate yourself to live and dream of your safest Paradise!


I urge you to check out the Music Video of Coldplay Paradise, it is inspiring!Your tears will drop if you saw the scene when the elephant finally found it's PARADISE. 
Link below:


The Genius Who Failed in Exam | Einstein

 Albert Einstein

Don't judge yourself with a small failure like school examination failure,
Even Einstein failed his school tests,
But then later he became a world extraordinary scientist,
You could be anything in the future, dream big!

Steve Jobs | Inspiration

"Think Differently"
- Steve Jobs -

Think differently,
That's a way to be successful,
That's how Steve worth more than $7 billion,
That's how you going to create your profitable idea,
That's the way to make your dreams came true.

Close Your Eyes & Imagine | Inspiration

Lyrical Quotes:
"I always has a passion for flashing,
Before I had it I close my eyes and imagine"

- Kanye West -

Ignite your inspiration & motivation by imagining you're having what you desire the most. Imagine the success, the dream came true and the good feeling when you finally made it! Call it self-motivation. Imagine the good life!
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