Friday, 25 January 2013

John Legend | You're My Pure Bliss

Inspirational Lyrics: 

[ John Legend - Bliss ]
"I remember when the pilot closed the door
Said it's time for lift off
You said, "What'd you choose me for?"
Don't ever wonder
Cause you deserve the best
Once you reach the top
You'll never question why you left
My world is yours
What you waitin' for?
Let's run away
Let's run away
Our friends, say we're crazy
But we can't listen baby
They've never had it like this
They don't know what it is
- John Legend -

John's new song - bliss,
describe the love that no one could easily find,
no one will understand and it was hard to love too,
others will try to pull them away,
but the choice is theirs,
They choose to be together and RUN AWAY!

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